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Not sure if I ever shared these on tubmlr or not.…well, if I did, it was years ago and most people will have missed them.Anyway, I have a collection of 6 very special photos that came directly from the photo processing lab of HMS Illustrious back in 1995.They were given to me by one of the aircraft handlers while I was stuck in a Greek hospital in Corfu (that was a fun holiday…)A completely chance meeting.
This was one of the earliest sea deployments of the Sea Harrier FA.2, possibly even the first that was made up of only the updated version.The aircraft lack any squadron markings and one (closest the front in this photo) is wearing the dark sea grey and high visibility markings that were more typical of the FRS.1
The Sea Harrier FA.2 was the very final incarnation of the original all-British first generation of Harrier.It’s Ferranti Blue Vixen radar was one of the most advanced of it’s time and formed the basis for the Eurofighter Typhoon’s CAPTOR.
This made the SHAR FA.2 the first fighter in Europe to have AIM-120 AMRAAM capability, long before the likes of the F-14, F-15 and the RAF’s Tornado F3 interceptors were made compatible with the new missile.
The SHAR was retired ahead of schedule in 2006 without a direct replacement, leaving the Royal Navy with no means of fixed wing air defence.While they were replaced in the short term by the Harrier GR.9 (itself retired in 2010), the GR9 is an attack aircraft that, while equipped with Sidewinders for self-defence, lacked both a radar and operational gun in UK service.


'Never Forget, Never Again' In memory of those who perished aboard shotdown airliners: Korean Air Lines  Flight KE007  September 1, 1983 New York - Seoul (via Anchorage) Shotdown over the Sea of Japan  Iran Air  Flight IR655 July 3, 1988 Bandar Abbas - Dubai  Shotdown over the Persian Gulf  Malaysia Airlines  Flight MH17 July 17, 2014 Amsterdam - Kuala Lumpur  Shotdown over eastern Ukraine  May they find peace and justice.

May they all rest easy

Boeing 787 + GEnx

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Consolidated B-24 Liberator

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